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Health & Social Science student accommodation

If you are studying a course within the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, you will spend approximately half of your time at university on placements. During this time, you will experience the full 24-hour shift pattern, including working weekend, night and 12-13 hour shifts. As a result, we recommend that you live close to your placement locality.

Students on the Midwifery, Operating Department Practice or Nursing (Adult, Mental Health, or Children & Young People) courses have the option to stay in hospital accommodation at their placement location. If you are enrolling on any other course within the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, you should apply for BU accommodation.

All of our halls of residence (except Purbeck House and the Student Village), are available on 50-week tenancies, subject to the available allocations, specifically for students on Health & Social Sciences courses; Lyme Regis House only offers studio apartments on 50-week tenancies. In some cases, you may have to accept accommodation on a shorter tenancy and then apply for a summer let with the relevant provider, although this may mean you have to move rooms. There is also the option of renting accommodation in the private sector through the BU Letting Service.

There is further information about the accommodation available at all of our placement locations below. You can also contact independent letting agents based in your placement location to find suitable accommodation close to the hospital you will be working at.

When you need to travel from your placement location to Bournemouth for study, the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences recognises that this involves a financial commitment and will support you with these costs as much as is practicable. To find out more, view the current guidelines for reimbursement (pdf 76kb). In some circumstances, the NHS will also provide financial assistance for travel expenses – to find out more view the policies on the NHS bursaries website.

Students starting in February 2018

For adult nursing and midwifery students starting in February 2018, your best accommodation options will be hospital-based accommodation or a private letting agent in your placement location. Unfortunately, there are no BU halls of residence available for students starting in February each year.

NHS accommodation

Musgrove Park Hospital

Read about the accommodation available at Musgrove Park Hospital and find out how to apply for a room if this is your placement location.

Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Find out about your accommodation options if you will be completing your placements at Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

St Mary's Hospital Newport

Read about the accommodation available if you are completing your placements at St Mary’s Hospital Newport.

Yeovil District Hospital

Learn about the available accommodation if you are going to be completing your placements at Yeovil District Hospital.