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BUProud case studies

Owen Matthews

Owen’s story

"I learned to be curious, and to have the confidence to question everything. I learned production techniques, scriptwriting, directing skills, editing, legal frameworks, budgeting and the history of the industry I was venturing into, it was really helpful.”

BU Proud Joe Thwaites

Joe's story

"The lecturers helped me develop these skills whilst also offering invaluable advice and guidance in preparing me for getting a job after the course.” 

Lucy Owen

Lucy’s story

“Evident from watching my peers succeed within the sports and wider event industry, I believe it is one of few degrees that encourages students to continue their career in the same direction - into the world of Sports Management, Events and Tourism.”

Natalie Pirks

Natalie's story

“It's such an incredibly competitive environment that doing a course like BU’s Multimedia Journalism degree can give you the edge with employers.” 



Elysian Piano Trio

The Elysian Piano Trio is an exciting new collaboration between three award winning musicians, they will be performing a selection of Beethoven, Frolov and Brahms 


Preparing for interviews

Does the thought of an interview horrify you? Would you like to know strategies for preparing for an interview, and how to cope with stress? Our interviews session will help


Introduction to personal branding

This interactive workshop will help you to identify your individual qualities and characteristics so that you can communicate a clear, consistent message across multiple channels to your target audience, both online and offline


"It's Alive!" The First 200 Years of Frankenstein

To mark the 200 years since the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Professor Sir Christopher Frayling will explore the creation of Frankenstein, its adaptations, and its afterlife as myth.


Jobs and Volunteering Fair

Talk to employers about paid part-time and summer jobs, community work, volunteering opportunities and uniformed service careers


GTP: Introduction to Global Skillsets

This session introduces a set of key skills required by employers on top of the general skills and educational profile that make us successful in highly competitive environments

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