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A different way of working

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Fusion at BU

To succeed, universities must deliver in three crucial areas. Firstly, they must provide an outstanding education for students, producing graduates with the skills they need to go forward and succeed. Secondly, they should be undertaking world-leading research that has the potential to change the world around us for the better. Thirdly, they should engage actively with the world of professional practice to drive businesses, organisations and entire industries forward.

We feel that in order for a university to truly succeed, all these activities must be taken to the next level. They can't operate individually, but must instead join together, each influencing the other so that expertise and insight gained in one area doesn't just strengthen that area, it strengthens everything. We call it Fusion.

What we learn through our research influences our curriculum and is passed on to industry through engagement with professional practice. What we learn from working with industry gives us new ideas for research and helps us design and deliver courses that keep our students at the cutting edge of their chosen professions. And what we learn from delivering world-class education helps improve our research and professional practice.

We are flexible in leadership, giving our staff the freedom to come up with new ways of thinking and supporting them in delivering new solutions – whether it is a way of improving our curriculum, an exciting new direction for research or a business insight that can help the companies we work with to retain a competitive edge. 

We work without barriers, collaborating and sharing with each other to deliver world-leading, life-changing research that we are passionate about. Indeed, many of our projects involve academics from different faculties working together and we place a lot of emphasis on developing processes, structures and learning spaces that make it easier to work together.

Spend time in our open learning spaces, using our technobooths in the library, wandering the corridors of our buildings or even sitting and have a coffee, and you'll soon get used to hearing experts in psychology talking to experts in design and technology about how they can work together to improve healthcare or design experts sharing their knowledge with intellectual property lawyers to build a better understanding of copyright in the age of social media.

We believe that these different elements combine to enable BU to offer something truly remarkable to the world. It helps us to think differently, so that not only are the solutions we provide unique, but the questions we ask are too.

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