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We have decided to put the information about our rules and regulations in an agreement (pdf 1.02mb) to help you find them. You need to know about these as they include important information about what happens if you’re not able to submit an assignment, payment of tuition fees and more. The Student Agreement (pdf 1.02mb) forms the basis of the contractual relationship between you and us so please read through this agreement before you apply. We will remind you about it when you accept your offer and register with us as you’ll be asked to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to it. 

You may have other contractual arrangements with us, such as arrangements for accommodation or other services that you use while you are at BU – these will be separate arrangements. For more information visit our SportBU and Accommodation pages.

If you are a postgraduate student undertaking a research degree, there are separate terms that relate specifically to your research and your funding. We will explain these when you apply.

You may also have other contractual arrangements with other organisations, such as a sponsor or funder, the NHS if you are on an NHS professional course, the Student Loans Company, accommodation providers or others. You must make sure that you understand these separate arrangements.

Registered students of BU become members of the Students' Union but you have a right to opt out of this membership. If you do not wish to be a member of the Students' Union, you should opt out of membership when you register online, or email the President of the Students' Union. For more information, see the SUBU website.

If you are studying at one of our Partners, the main student agreement is between you and the Partner. However, some of BU's procedures, such as complaints and academic offences, will apply to you. You may be required to follow the Partner's procedure before you can escalate the issue at BU. We have noted this in the Student Agreement (pdf 1.02mb) where it is relevant.

Student charter

We've also put together a Student Charter (pdf 117kb), developed in conjunction with your Students' Union (SUBU), to set out the principles we subscribe to and how we expect everyone who's part of our BU community to behave. It's not legally binding and explains what you can expect the university to do for you, as well as what we expect from our students.

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Conduct and welfare


14 Day Cancellation Form

Academic Achievement Scholarship Policy 2012-13

Additional financial support for international students

Additional financial support for UK students

BU Hardship Fund Policy & Procedure 2017-18 (pdf 529kb)

Bursary Policy & Procedures Academic year intake 2017-18 (doc 113kb)

Bursary Policy & Procedures Academic year intake 2016-17 (pdf 668kb)

Bursary Scheme Policy 2012-13 to 2015-16 entrants

Fees Policy 2018-19 and Fees Policy Summary 2018-19

Fees Policy 2017-18 and Fees Policy Summary 2017-18

Fees Policy 2016-17 and Fees Policy Summary 2016-17

Fees Policy 2015-16 and Fees Policy Summary 2015-16

Postgraduate Scholarship Policy 2017-18 (September 17, January 18 entry) (pdf 587kb)

Postgraduate Scholarship Policy 2016-17 (September 16, January 17 entry) (pdf 443kb)

Postgraduate Scholarship Policy 2015-16 (September 15, January 16 entry) (pdf 293kb)

Postgraduate Scholarship Policy 2014-15 (September 14, January 15 entry) (pdf 420kb)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Code of Practice

Scholarship/Bursary Pre-payment Card Terms and Conditions

Smart Card Policy August 2012

Undergraduate Scholarships Policy 2017-18 (September 17, January 18 entry) (pdf 571kb)

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2016-17 (September 16, January 17 entry) (pdf 514kb)

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2015-16 (September 15, January 16 entry) (pdf 299kb)

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2014-15 (September 14, January 15 entry) (pdf 379kb)

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2013-14 (September 13, January 14 entry) (pdf 476kb)

Associated forms

Non Tuition Fee Refund Form (pdf 41kb)