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International Study Abroad Grant

You can apply for funding for a study exchange outside the EU via our Global Horizons Fund.

If you successfully secure a study abroad exchange outside the EU, you could be eligible for one of these grants, depending on your destination and your application. This money is there to help pay for the additional expenses of living abroad, but is unlikely to meet the full cost of your trip. Providing that you fulfil the conditions of the programme, this money doesn’t have to be repaid.

Everything you need to know

When can you apply?

You can apply for an International Study Abroad Grant as long as you have been nominated to study abroad by your faculty and offered an acceptance letter by your host university. There are no deadlines to apply for this funding, you simply need to have the documentation detailed above for your application to be considered.

How do you apply?

Apply by completing the application form (pdf 125kb) and submitting it to the Global Engagement Mobility Officer. A panel will assess your application on how well you show that studying in your host institution will enhance your intercultural skills and global awareness, link or expand your studies at BU, and support your personal and professional development.

In order to apply for funding for your international study exchange outside the EU you will need to have submitted a successful Expression of Interest (pdf 173kb) to before 15 February 2017. Your application will be assessed by the relevant faculty on how well you show that studying at the host institution will enhance your intercultural skills and global awareness, link to or expand your studies at BU, and support your personal and professional development.

Once selected for a study exchange you will then be able to complete the partner universities application process, after you have received official confirmation of acceptance from the Partner university you will be able to apply for an funding via the Global Horizons Fund.

Check the Applicant’s Guide (pdf 465kb) for full details about completing your application for funding.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • If you are a campus-based BU student undertaking a Foundation, Diploma, UG, PGT, MPhil or MRes programme. These exclude courses in franchise, validation, shared delivery or off-campus delivery programmes.

  • In any level of your course, if you are a Level 3 student your activity must finish before the end of your last term at BU

  • If you have not successfully applied to the fund before within the same academic year

  • If you are able to provide your acceptance letter at the time of application

  • If you are not going to your country of origin, the panel will usually only consider applications of students visiting countries other than their country of origin

  • If your application for funding is being submitted prior to the start of your study exchange.

Financial information

International Study Abroad Grants are paid for through our Global Horizons Fund. The amount you will be awarded will depend on where you will be studying.

  • Applicants going to USA and Canada will be awarded up to £2,500. Those participants from certain backgrounds historically underrepresented at university will be eligible for an additional £500 supplement – they will be automatically notified if they are awarded this supplement, no separate applications or action is needed.
  • Applicants going to other destinations will be awarded up to £2,000.

Grants for semester one will be awarded in July, which is the beginning of the new financial year at university.

Please be aware that Global Horizons grants for study abroad exchanges will contribute towards your expenses but are unlikely to cover all costs during your period abroad – and some expenses might take place before candidates receive their grants in July.

You are strongly advised to plan ahead financially and familiarise yourself with the financial information provided by your host university on their dedicated webpages for incoming students, factsheets and email communications.

The university's Hardship Fund can also provide some additional financial support of up to £1,000 to successful candidates providing evidence of financial hardship. Please read the Hardship Fund page for information on eligibility or contact AskBU directly for further details.

Need more help?

Talk to a member of the Global Engagement Mobility Team in our weekly drop-in session at The Edge: Wednesdays 1-5pm during term time. Outside term time the team can be contacted by email or by telephone on 01202 965824.