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Discover the world

Student mobility opportunities

We want you to experience new cultures, learn about different ways of working and explore incredible places as part of your journey with BU.

There are a host of opportunities to get involved in our global community, whether you’re a BU student who wants to discover the world, or an incoming exchange student who is keen to experience life in Bournemouth.

We offer a number of study abroad programmes, and can help you to find placements overseas when it’s appropriate. This not only gives you the chance to experience a new culture, but also develop employability skills and enhance your career prospects through a range of networks and contacts around the globe.

You can also get involved with volunteering projects overseas, or simply learn a new language - or improve an existing one - with the assistance of our dedicated BU Language Centre.

BUBglobal International Opportunities Festival

Join us at the new BUBglobal International Opportunities Festival on 26 October 2016 from 14:00 – 17:00 in the Fusion Share Lecture Theatre.

Would you like to study or work abroad to gain a particular set of skills that will rapidly enhance your career and employability? Would you like to make a first step towards an international career or stand out to potential employers in the UK?

The International Opportunities Festival on Wednesday 26 October gives you the chance to explore the range of study and work abroad and other international experience opportunities available at Bournemouth University! There will be also a number of networking stalls and three interactive workshops. In short, the festival will offer an overview of all international activities, funding and services available on-campus in order to provide BU students with the set of skills which is essential in today’s globalised world.

Sign up for the festival if you would like to attend.

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Work overseas

Work overseas

Expand your horizons by undertaking a placement overseas and gain valuable industry experience while getting to know another culture.

Other international opportunities

Other international opportunities

Working and studying aren't the only ways for you to see the world while you're at BU. Summer schools, language courses, volunteering, field trips and conferences are among the options.