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Student hotels

Student hotels can give you a suitable alternative long or medium-term option. There are several student hotels in Bournemouth, which rent their rooms exclusively to students on a long or medium-term basis.
You can typically expect to have your own ensuite room in one of these hotels, with a room clean and breakfast usually part of the cost of your room. Lunch and dinner may also be offered for an additional cost.
All of your bills will be covered by your rent and in most cases you'll have free Wi-Fi as well. There are social areas where you can spend time with friends and get to know the other students staying in your hotel.
Among the student hotels in Bournemouth are:

These are all located close to the town centre, within walking distance of the Lansdowne Campus and a bus ride from Talbot Campus.

If you are interested in living in one of these hotels, you should contact the hotel directly to discuss prices and availability.

If you require accommodation on a short-term basis, more information can be found on our Short-term accommodation webpage.