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Skills relate to everything and anything a student may need to set them up for success during their first year and beyond at Bournemouth.

We know that transitioning from school/college life to a University life can be difficult and ensuring students are best equipped with the academic skills that can help them pass exams, ace assignments, develop a good work life balance and finish their time here at BU with a fulfilled and colourful C.V is our aim.  Res Life, in conjunction with ALS (Additional Learning Support), runs study skills sessions in halls before key exam times which includes exam preparation, referencing practise, revision time management and the list goes on. Similarly, we work closely with the Careers and Employability team at BU to signpost students to help them find their dream job or placement, study abroad, develop their C.V’s and give students top tips on how to shine in an interview.

Skills come under a whole host of other non-academic capabilities as well, including how to cook a decent meal, keeping your flat clean through to managing your budget. Res Life also helps out with these skills by offering ‘Master Chef Classes’ with professional chefs who come into halls for students to learn how to cook up a storm in the kitchen, help organising a cleaning rota to useful advice on setting and keeping to a budget!

Who is Res Life for?

Res Life is for you and your fellow students living in halls and Unilet. £1 of your weekly rent goes towards paying for the programme so we urge you to get the most from it during your time living with us. BU Res Life is all about creating an inclusive, friendly and supportive community in your hall or Unilet – so you can make the most of your time here and become the best version of you.

Join our social media pages and Facebook groups!

If you have booked a room in one of our halls or Unilets then we will contact you about joining your hall’s or Unilet Facebook page. If you already have, then we encourage you to keeping checking in and using this to contribute to these groups to help create a community within your accommodation. 

These pages are also where the Res Life team will share useful and important information about your life here at Bournemouth, including all of the events and activities for you to get involved with during your time here...

If you have not yet joined up to your group then you can do so now by clicking on your hall or Unilet group below and requesting to join.