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BU Student Development Award

Please note: the SDA is now closed and has been replaced by BU’s unique Global Talent Programme which is now open for registrations.

Find out more about becoming Global Talent.

The BU Student Development Award (SDA) enables you to showcase your skills to prospective employers in your own e-portfolio webpage. We set up this award in recognition of the hard work and commitment you show by getting involved in extra-curricular activities. Our goal is to help you unlock your true potential by using those experiences to enhance your future.

You can find out more about the award below, and the most common questions are answered on our FAQs page.

How the SDA works

Step 1 - Apply

  • You can apply online to register and get started straightaway
  • You can join at any time, but we strongly recommend that you start and finish in your first or second year - you can use your activities from all previous academic years at BU towards the award.

Step 2 - Attend

Participate in one of the induction options as soon as you can after you’ve registered for the Award when you will:-

  • Find out about the award criteria and get useful insight into how the activities can complement your skills. Get information on timescales and access to important systems to help you successfully plan and achieve the award
  • Get hands-on practice for the essential reflective writing element of the award which showcases your skills experience  
  • Get started on your e-portfolio straightaway. Learn how to create the ideal e-portfolio to impress potential employers with your experience.

Step 3 - Activities

  • Look at the Activities Matrix (pdf 137kb) to see what activities count towards the award - there are more than 100 things to do before you leave BU!
  • Achieve a minimum of 100 points by completing a range of extra-curricular activities from the list
  • You can use points from your previous academic years at BU towards your total.

Step 4 - Assessment

  • Create your e-portfolio, showcasing your achievements and demonstrating how you’ve developed a range of essential skills using the Graduate Attributes (pdf 9kb) to write about your activities, then share with potential employers to enhance your employability
  • Your e-portfolio is assessed against specific criteria (pdf 226kb) and there's a chance you could win a sponsored prize
  • View the SDA and prize-winning students’ e-portfolios
  • Look out for opportunities to compete for the sponsored prizes
  • Submit your e-portfolio for assessment.

Step 5 - Achieve

  • Receive your results and book your ticket to celebrate at the exclusive annual SDA Awards Ceremony
  • Be presented with your award certificate from our Vice Chancellor
  • Enjoy meeting other SDA students, our employer sponsors and special guests.