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Our research shapes and changes the world around us, providing solutions to real-world problems and informing the education we deliver. Our students are a key part of the research we conduct, co-creating knowledge with us and playing a crucial role in everything that we do.

News & Features

ORI launch

New Orthopaedic Research Institute launched at BU

A new Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) has been launched with the intention of working across the university and with local hospitals and industry partners to carry out research that will improve patient care and develop clinician practice in the UK.
Genetics psychiatric disorders

The genetics of psychiatric disorders

Dr Kevin McGhee's research into psychiatric disorders examines the genes involved in the development of schizophrenia, with the hope of improving knowledge and treatments for the condition.
Riot ID guide

BU research at Banksy’s Dismaland: #RiotID

#RiotID - a civic media guide helping people identify, monitor and record the use of riot control agents against civilians - has been distributed at Dismaland since its launch at the start of October.

The use and abuse of tear gas

Learn about Dr Anna Feigenbaum's latest research on the use, and abuse, of tear gas around the world, particularly to pacify civilian protests.