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Orthopaedics Research Institute

The Orthopaedics Research Institute (ORI) was launched at BU in October 2015 and is led by Professor Rob Middleton and Associate Professor Tom Wainwright.

ORI works with local hospitals and industry partners on research for the direct benefit of patients. This seeks to improve patient care and develop clinical practice, ultimately accelerating recovery for patients requiring orthopaedic procedures and improving their outcomes.

Current areas of focus include:

  • Preventing or delaying the need for surgery through ‘living well’ measures
  • Preventing falls in the elderly using innovative technologies
  • Improving medical devices used in surgery in partnership with orthopaedic suppliers and the NHS
  • Preventing unnecessary deaths from patients who have a fractured neck of femur
  • Developing innovative virtual reality training techniques for orthopaedic surgeons
  • Improving rehabilitation processes.

We are currently seeking vital pump-priming funding, which is needed to allow the core ORI team to focus on research and development. Please contact us for more information or make a donation online.

For more information about the Orthopaedics Research Institute, visit: