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Cost of study

Fees and funding

We know that the cost of Higher Education can seem daunting, but don't let that cloud the many benefits that studying at university can bring you. We’ve put together a range of useful information to help you work out how much university will cost you, and to make suggestions about how best to pay for it.

Whether you're from the UK, the EU or any other country, there are different levels of fees, as well as financial support.

You can find out more information about what fees you should be paying on our working out your fee status page. Your fees will cover some of the costs associated with your course, including tuition materials, access to facilities and any mandatory field trips.

Find out more about student finance

UK/EU fees

UK and EU student finance

Learn about everything from tuition fees and scholarships to budgeting, living costs and other financial support available for UK and EU students. 

International student finance

International student finance

Find out about tuition fees and scholarships for International students, as well as information on living costs in the UK and budgeting.