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The Doctoral College's Researcher Development Programme

Our Doctoral College will guide your professional and personal development during your postgraduate research degree through our Researcher Development Programme, while your faculty will provide you with subject-specific support.

The Researcher Development Programme offers you flexibility to meet your development needs while at BU and also for your long-term career development. The programme aims to ensure that you are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge required to complete your research project and make a successful transition to your future career, whether in academia or further afield.

Key components of our Researcher Development Programme include research skills training, professional and personal development planning and a globalised student experience.

The Researcher Development Programme is aligned to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) designed by VITAE.

We recommend that postgraduate research students (PGRs) register with VITAE as they have an enormous amount of information available that PGRs will find helpful. Our programme is mapped on VITAE’s four RDF domains:

  • Knowledge and intellectual abilities
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Research governance and organisation
  • Engagement, influence and impact.  

As you progress through your research degree, you will find that at the various stages of the process, different areas of the RDF will become important to you.

We encourage you to engage with the development programme while you are studying for your research degree at BU as this will enable you to:

  • Enhance your employability
  • Take an organised and logical approach to your personal development
  • Maximise your personal and academic achievements whilst at BU
  • Look at how to improve your performance in relation to your research
  • Make the most of the available opportunities for personal, career and educational development.