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Develop your qualifications

Build your own qualification

We understand that fitting study in around your busy working life can be a challenge, so we have devised a number of flexible courses that allow you to study bite-sized units at your convenience, while working towards a bigger qualification.

BSc/BSc (Hons) Professional Practice

If you have a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, you can take this course to top-up to a full degree. You can choose from our range of units and study 20 credits to gain a BSc, or 60 credits to gain a BSc (Hons).

There are different entry points depending on what you’ve studied previously - check out our course diagram (PDF 104kb) to explain these different routes.

Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma Professional Practice

If you have an honours degree and wish to expand your sphere of professional practice without moving to Master’s level study, you can choose from a number of units and study 40 credits to gain a Graduate Certificate, or 80 credits to gain a Graduate Diploma.

Take a look at the course diagram (PDF 86kb) to get a better understanding of the flexible nature of this course.

MA Advanced Practice

If you are a busy health and social care professional aspiring to be an advanced practitioner, this course enables you to study units of your choice in manageable chunks and work steadily towards a Master’s degree. There are various entry and exit points, which are explained in our course diagram (PDF 139kb).