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Develop global skills

Work abroad

Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity to combine professional development and cultural immersion, so many students choose this option for their placement year. Having a year's worth of industry experience by graduation is good, but having a year's worth of industry experience overseas is even better! Companies and organisations also benefit from hiring a foreign intern due to the fresh outlook and work ethic they bring, so securing a placement outside the UK may be easier than you think.

Working overseas also requires less preparation and paperwork than a study exchange, so many students opt for this to gain the much sought-after intercultural skills which international experiences provide. Every year, over 100 BU students undertake employment abroad, either as part of their compulsory placement year or as an internship during the summer.

You can search for placement opportunities on MyCareerHub, or you can find a placement using your own contacts or by conducting research online.

Hear from our students

Sam: USA and Canada

Sam Harrison

Sam's placement was at the company behind the remote imaging cameras on the International Space Station.

Laurie Bryne

Laurie Bryne

Laurie travelled to India for his placement to work at a fully sustainable eco-resort.

James Clark

James Clark

James has been able to combine his passion for tennis with his degree in Sport Management during his placement at CF Tennis Academy in Dubai.

Your funding options

Erasmus+ for work

Erasmus+ for work

Erasmus+ funding is for placements that are two months or longer and take place in the European Economic Area (EEA).