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Academic timetable

Your online timetable of lectures, seminars and other learning sessions relevant to your course, like lab work or workshops.

You'll be able to access your timetable just before the start of term (and only if you have registered online). After Week One you’ll also be able to set up access to view your timetable in our iBU app.

Induction timetable

You may receive a separate timetable just for Week One, showing all your course induction sessions. Your faculty will normally give this to you at your first session – check your registration email for details of when that will be.

Full academic timetable

To view your timetable, you will need to know which seminar group list you are on. This will be available in Brightspace, our virtual learning environment, from the start of term, along with instructions on setting up your timetable.

All timetable information will be available from Monday 17 September 2018 for all new students.