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Academic timetable

Your academic timetable includes details of all your lectures, seminars and other learning sessions relevant to your course, like lab work or workshops. You’ll be able to access your academic timetable online just before the start of term and after you have registered online. After Week One you’ll also be able to view your timetable in our iBU app.

Induction timetable

You may receive a separate timetable just for Week One, showing all your course induction sessions. Your faculty will normally give this to you at your first session – check your registration email for details of your first session.

Full academic timetable

Your class list information will be released in your virtual learning environment as per the dates below - one you have this information you will be able to set up and access your full academic timetable. To set up your timetable, follow the below instructions to make sure you set it up correctly - you'll need to set up your timetable before you can view it in iBU.

  • Faculty of Health & Social Sciences: Monday 15 January 2018
  • Faculty of Management: Friday 19 February 2018
  • Faculty of Media & Communication: Tuesday 23 January 2018
  • Faculty of Science & Technology: your class list information for your core units of study will be emailed to you by the 17 or 23 January 2018.

Step by step guide to setting up your timetable:

Add your seminar group

The process is the same whichever virtual learning enviornment (VLE) you'll be using this year, which you can find out by using our look-up tool.

You’ll find this information by clicking on your faculty tab/area from your VLE homepage, then by clicking on 'seminar groups'. Make sure you enter your seminar group and level of study correctly - your year group will be classified as follows:

  • Level 4: Year 1
  • Level 5: Year 2
  • Level 6: Final year or Top-up degree year
  • Level 7: Master's

If you're taking option units but can't see the groups for those units when you first set up your timetable, try clicking on a different year and then back to your year of study. When you choose your core seminar group the option groups you need to select from should appear.

Note: some faculties will confirm your class during your course induction in Week One.

Set up text alerts

We can send you texts notifying you of any emergency postponements of lectures or seminars. You just need to select ‘yes’ and add in your mobile phone number when prompted. Make sure you update your contact details if they change.

Personalise your calendar themes and timetable views

You can choose your preferred colour and view format for your timetable e.g. view your timetable by day, week or month. There’s also an option to view a print-friendly version of your timetable. These settings can be changed at any time.

iBU mobile app

Our iBU mobile app is a really helpful way of viewing your timetable on the move (as well as lots of other things!). Once you have completed the steps above successfully, your timetable will show up in iBU, although you may need to logout of the app and log in again for it to update. If you experience any issues with your timetable in iBU, please check that you have completed all of the above steps or contact askBU or our IT Service helpdesk.