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Global Talent Programme

Our innovative, new Global Talent Programme (GTP) enables you to develop future-ready skills that will open up opportunities around the world.

You’ll be encouraged to think and act locally, nationally and internationally, nurturing the mindset – and heartset – to benefit from global possibilities.

GTP in brief

  1. Develop your understanding of key global economic, environmental and societal themes – and the concept of global talent.
  2. Experience international contexts through global communities and campus events.
  3. Build your future-proof global skillset through immersion in international practice.
  4. Apply an international mindset, heartset and skillset to deliver global solutions.
  5. Demonstrate global impact through practical experience.

These elements are underpinned by a portfolio of extra-curricular activities focused on: Global Awareness; Sports, Arts, Communities and Culture; Personal and Professional Development and Work Experience; Advanced Skills; and Innovation and Impact.

Completion of the GTP leads to our Global Talent Awards – tailored to undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research students.

Find out now how you can benefit from our Global Talent Programme.

Did you know? 380 students across all academic years are currently engaged in our Global Talent Programme.

Balint Brunner

“I’m glad to have been recognised as a future global talent. The past four months have reassured me that the Global Talent Programme was the perfect supplement to my degree."

Balint Brunner, BA (Hons) Public Relations

Ryan is a testament to this course. BU is so thorough in supporting placements and preparing placement students for future employment.” Senior manager, Disney