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Work opportunities

There are many ways to expand your skillset and hone your talents through paid university roles, inspiring volunteering schemes and unique industry partnerships.

Our new Student Project Bank scheme allows you to apply academic theory to solve real-world problems and develop business models by partnering with local companies. By choosing your own project you’ll gain experience in a field that interests you, while developing transferable skills and expanding your business outlook.

On campus, you’ll find chances to gain work experience with SportBU or SUBU, or by becoming one of our Resident Assistants – who play a central role in event planning, team building and promoting wellbeing.

And our Student Ambassador roles allow you to develop outreach skills working in the community to promote education – and BU – in schools, colleges and even places such as AFC Bournemouth.

You’ll also find opportunities to gain skills and experience through volunteer projects on campus, in the local community and nationally – as well as on overseas projects such as our Sports Development Adventure Expedition, which provides hands-on experience developing rural communities and schools in Africa.

More work opportunities can be found on MyCareerHub.

I got a leading role in the marketing department responsible for social media. I created friendships and memories for a lifetime. I’ll always value the knowledge they gave me.” Yolana Bankova, BA (Hons) Business Studies, volunteer at EuroPeers

Gleb Kiselov

“It was amazing working at AFC Bournemouth when they got promoted. It’s a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life."

Gleb Kiselov, BU Student Ambassador, AFC Bournemouth