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Interview information for Computer Animation applicants

If you are applying for one of the following courses, you’ll be asked to provide a portfolio and attend an interview as part of the selection process:

What happens in the interview?

Our interviews typically last for around half an hour and are conducted with a member of staff from the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA). If you’re applying for Computer Animation Art & Design or Computer Animation Technical Arts, you’ll be expected to show us a portfolio of your work.

We’ll also talk to you about why you want to join the course and can give you an insight into what to expect during your first year. Don’t be discouraged if we recommend that you apply for a different one of our courses - we want to make sure you’re happy at university, and that you’re able to succeed in your degree.

What should be included in a portfolio?

We want you to demonstrate a keen interest in the areas of moving image, animation and visual effects. Portfolios should include, but not be limited to:

  • Observational studies in any medium, such as still life, environments (interior, exterior, architectural studies, perspective studies), lighting studies, colour studies or anatomy studies.
  • Sketchbook and works demonstrating self-motivated study and research. We need you to show us work that you’ve done away from your studies - anything that you can talk passionately about.
  • Life drawing.
  • Work that demonstrates creativity and proficiency in composition, form, structure, colour and design, in both 2D and 3D. Examples include character design, environment design, illustration, graphic design, product design, media design, photography and sculpture.
  • You can bring a showreel of moving image work if you want, but it’s not essential.

Throughout your portfolio, we’ll be looking for an appropriate application of detail, although this detail shouldn’t be at the expense of strong form and structure.