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Tuition fees for UK and EU students

Tuition fees are outlined below for those joining BU in September 2019. You can find more information about fees and costs for specific courses by visiting our course pages, as well as information about additional costs in our ‘No hidden extras’ section for each course.

Our fee commitment

We have committed to keep your tuition fees fixed throughout your course, therefore there will be no changes to your fees after you have enrolled at BU. 

So, if you start studying here in September 2019 you will pay the £9,250 fee for in each of your years of study – irrespective of any future changes in government policy or rises in maximum fee levels. This is an established principle at BU and applies to all of our current students.

Brexit and tuition fees for EU students

EU students studying with us in 2019/20 will continue to pay the same fees as domestic students for the duration of their degree as well as being able to access student finance loans. 

More information

Fees for 2019 entry

Our full-time tuition fees for UK/EU students for the 2019/20 academic year range from £6,000 for a Foundation degree to £9,250 for a Bachelor’s degree at one of our campuses or Partner Colleges.

For more information about fees and costs for specific courses, visit our course pages – here, you will also find our fees for Integrated Master’s degrees.

*This tuition fee will rise in line with Retail Price Index (RPI-X), a measure of inflation in the UK. This fee information will be updated as soon as a further government announcement is made.

If you spend a year on a work placement as part of your course, your fee for this year will be significantly lower at £830.

Our BU fees commitment ensures that whichever fee you start your course on, it will remain the same for the duration of your honours degree course – irrespective of any future changes in government policy or rises in maximum fee levels. 

Studying part-time?

If you are studying your course part-time, your annual fee will be charged at half of the full-time rate for each level of study. On a full-time course, there are three levels with one completed each year; for part-time students, you generally complete one level every two years.

For example, if the full-time fee for your course is £9,250 per year and you are completing the course on a part-time basis – taking six years instead of three – you would pay £1,541.66 per year, equating to £4,625 per level of study.

Find out more about the tuition fee changes

A useful and impartial guide to tuition fee changes has been produced by Brightside – an independent charity that provides information to schools, colleges and universities enabling young people to access education and career pathways. 

What's included in your tuition fee?

Your tuition fee covers expenses associated with your course, including tuition materials, access to facilities and field trips. This will include:

  • Consumables for lab and field-based teaching activity
  • UK fieldwork and associated travel costs
  • Lab coats, glasses and standard enclosed headphones (where applicable)
  • First-set of consumables, such as a DVD or memory stick.

There are certain things associated with your studies that you will be expected to pay for, which may include:

  • Text books
  • Printing and photocopying
  • UK telephone and travel costs for interviews, coursework and securing placements
  • Optional and experiential fieldwork in the UK and abroad, and associated travel costs
  • Outdoor wear and footwear suitable for fieldwork (where applicable)
  • Inter-campus travel.

We've done our best to highlight on our individual course pages the expected additional costs you may encounter while studying at BU to help you understand our provision and what you need to budget for.

NHS students

If you're starting a Nursing, Midwifery or Allied Health Professional pre-registration course in England after 1 August 2017, you'll need a Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan as the funding has changed for NHS courses. Find out more on our Funding for NHS courses webpage.