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Psychology testing suite

Our testing suite is made up of experimental cubicles used for human research covering everything from eye-tracking to brain stimulation.

We have a scheme set up for first and second year psychology undergraduates where you take part in final year students’ projects. This helps final year students complete their research, whilst introducing you to our equipment and how to use it.

Along with standard PC cubicles, we have specialist equipment and spaces to help you carry out research. This includes:

  • Eyelink 1000+ Static Eye-trackers – used to accurately record eye-movement patterns in laboratory conditions. Some of our research has included reading, web page viewing habits and the way we perceive human faces.
  • ERGONEERS Dikablis Head-mounted Eye-tracker – enables researchers to gain an understanding of moment-to-moment processing in real-world situations, such as children’s language processing during classroom tasks, and visual search strategies while navigating in new environments.
  • Transcranial Electric Stimulation (TES) - stimulates parts of the brain to see which areas are involved in different tasks, and whether we can improve cognitive performance during tasks, thereby enhancing the effects of training. It’s also used for investigating how we process language and memory after a stroke or other neurological trauma.
  • ViRETS Virtual Reality Lab - used for tracking eye movements in 3D and naturalistic environments. We combine a head-mounted eye-tracker with motion sensor technology and a 180-degree field of view display.

Relevant courses:

BSc (Hons) Psychology

MSc Forensic and Neuropsychological Perspectives in Face-Processing

MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology