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Researcher Development Programme

The Researcher Development Programme offers over 150 workshops, online modules, video resources and interactive webinar series specifically for postgraduate research students (PGRs) professional, personal and research development. The Doctoral College will support PGRs development during their postgraduate research degree through the Researcher Development Programme, whilst the PGRs faculty will provide subject-specific support.

The Researcher Development Programme offers flexibility to PGRs to meet their development needs and long-term career development whilst at BU. The programme aims to ensure PGRs are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to complete their research project and make a successful transition into their future career, whether in academia or further afield.

About the Programme

Programme domains

In July 2010, VITAE launched the Research Development Framework (RDF), a major new approach to researcher development, which aims to build the UK workforce and develop world-class researchers. The RDF has been adopted by higher education institutes (HEIs) throughout the UK and is now being implemented internationally, as it ‘describes the knowledge, behaviour and attributes of successful researchers’ (VITAE 2016).

The RDF is structured into four domains and 12 sub-domains, encompassing the knowledge, intellectual abilities, techniques and professional standards required to do research, as well as the personal qualities, knowledge and skills to work with others and ensure the wider impact of research. By using this framework PGRs will be able to:

Vitae researcher development framework

  • Set aspirational goals
  • Consider skills and experiences that will enhance your prospects of success in particular career areas
  • Identify opportunities for further professional development
  • Create a personal record of progress, backed up by evidence
  • Develop an action plan
  • Highlight, articulate and evidence the transferability of your skills for your CV, in job applications and during interviews
  • Articulate your skills and attributes in a language employers inside and outside of academia will recognise and respect
  • Prepare for one-to-one reviews with your supervisor in which you will be discussing PGR development
  • Use the RDF to assist you when completing your annual monitoring on ResearchPAD.

The Doctoral College Researcher Development Programme is aligned to the RDF designed by VITAE. We recommend that PGRs register with VITAE as they have an enormous amount of information available that PGRs will find helpful. The Doctoral College programme is mapped on VITAE’s four RDF domains. As the PGR progresses through their research degree they will discover that at the various stages of the process, different areas of the RDF will become important.

VITAE Research Development Framework

The Doctoral Colleges Researcher Development Programme mirrors the VITAE RDF and is broken down into the four main domains and sub-domains to guide individual PGR development. The Doctoral College Researcher Development Programme brochure enables PGRs to tailor their developmental journey. Workshops, online modules, video resources, podcasts and webinars (which are offered to help fulfil each domain) are provided under each domain headings.

Vitae researcher development framework