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Regional managers

We have a number of regional managers, each of whom is responsible for different countries around the world.

As well as dealing with student enquiries from these areas, they also travel to meet prospective students, attend events overseas and keep in touch with our representatives.

Please contact your regional manager if you have any queries or concerns.

Andy Thompson (Europe)
Countries: UK, Iceland, Norway, Finland, 

Rachel Sunderland (South East Asia)
Countries: Malaysia, Taiwan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Nuria Moyano-Martin (Europe)
Countries: Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal

Ryan Miles (South East Asia)
Countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

James Littlewood (Middle East and Africa)
Countries: Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Ghana and Nigeria

Kamila Kharebashvili (South and Central Asia)
Countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal

Luciana Figueiredo (The Americas)
Countries: Canada, France, USA, Germany, (Latin America - Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia)

Zoe Larrad (East and South Asia)
Countries: South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa