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Already based in the UK?

International students already in the UK

We have a large community of international students at BU; just over 2,600 students from around 120 different countries. We welcome around 180 international students from around the world each year from our UK-based pathway partners and representatives.

If you are studying on an English language course, an academic foundation course or another preparatory programme in the UK, or if you are already taking a university degree here, we would be glad to consider you for entry to further studies at BU.

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Here for you

Here for you

Learn about the different ways you can experience life at BU, and what support we can provide to international applicants. 

On-campus preparatory courses

On-campus preparatory courses

Learn about the preparatory programmes we offer through our on-campus partner Bournemouth University International College.

Meet us

BU’s International Team makes a number of visits to international education providers around the UK and attends a lot of events for international students. Check below for details of events near you at which you can meet with a member of BU’s International Team.


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