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Already based in the UK?

International students already in the UK

We have a large community of international students at BU – currently just over 2,000 students from around 100 different countries and regions, but BU welcomes around 150 international students from around the world each year from our UK-based pathway partners and representatives.

If you are studying on an English language course, an academic foundation course or another preparatory programme in the UK, or if you are already taking a university degree here, we would be glad to consider you for entry to further studies at BU.

We will help you with your application to study at BU, or you can speak to one of our representatives in the UK who can offer assistance with your application.

Meet us

We attend Higher Education Fairs around the UK and run Open Days for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Come and meet us to find out more about the courses we offer and how you can continue your education with BU.

Visas and immigration

If you are planning to extend your stay in the UK to continue with your studies, you may also need to extend your visa. We have put together a variety of useful information about visas and immigration

You can always contact us to speak to one of our immigration advisers if you would like specific advice.