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Airport Information

Heathrow Airport Meet & Greet service

BU will be operating a Meet & Greet service at Heathrow Airport (London) on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January 2018.

Our BU representatives will be at the airport from 07:30 to 15:00 on both days. They will meet you at the airport, give you welcome information and answer any questions you have.

This is a Meet & Greet service only, so you will need to pay for your own bus or train ticket. We recommend that you take a National Express bus – the ticket price is approximately £30.00 and National Express buses depart regularly for Bournemouth until just before midnight.

BU Representatives at Heathrow Airport will:

  • show you the way to the ticket office and bus station
  • advise on what type of ticket to buy
  • show you how to get from Bournemouth bus station to your accommodation
  • give you a map of Bournemouth and a free UK SIM card so you can call home

Booking instructions

This is a free Meet & Greet service but you must register by Thursday 18 January (08:00 UK time), so we know where and when to meet you.

Arrival instructions

After you have registered you will receive an email with full instructions about what to do when you arrive and where to meet our BU representative at the airport.

If you have any questions about our Meet & Greet service, please email

Not using our Meet & Greet service?

If you are arriving on a different date to those mentioned above or using a different port or airport and are therefore unable to use our Meet & Greet service, it should still be easy for you to travel to Bournemouth by coach or train.