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Staff development

Healthcare professionals and employers

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a necessity in the ever-changing world of health and social care. As an employer, you need to ensure your workforce have the skills and knowledge they need to continue to deliver outstanding care and that is where our range of CPD training programmes come in.

We understand that every organisation is different and that your staff face unique challenges in their roles, which is why we increasingly deliver bespoke training to suit the needs of your team and teach them the skills they require in their day-to-day roles.

We can deliver our courses at one of our university campuses in Bournemouth, Portsmouth or Yeovil, or we can run the course at your workplace. 

Flexibility is key, which is why our courses have been designed to fit into the lives of busy health and social care professionals, allowing them to study in manageable bite-sized chunks while working. There are accredited and non-accredited units, which can be offered as standalone training, as well as run as part of a longer course. We also run a selection of bespoke study days.

Bespoke study days

Community UpSkilling Programme (CUSP)

We work with community care staff to enhance their skills to assess and manage people in their own homes. This programme is adapted to meet the specific needs of different staff groups as appropriate, in collaboration with the purchasing organisation.

Dementia Care study days

Through working with hospital staff to identify specific needs, we have developed this study day to help staff dealing with patients who are in hospital with a medical need, but who also have dementia. The content is focused on the needs of the specific staff group, allowing us to tailor each study day to the individual trust or department. A number of other dementia-focused study days are available, and learning from these can be written up to gain academic credit.

Mental Health short courses

We have worked with trusts to provide bespoke courses in dual diagnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational interviewing. One such example is our work with Bluebird House, a secure unit dealing with young people, where we identified exactly what their staff needed to get out of the course and tailored it to meet their needs.

Bournemouth University Resource Package (BURP): Infant Feeding

This online learning package, which has Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) recognition, is a simple solution to overcome the issues related to in-house training, particularly facilitating training around staff shift patterns. Our online resource is designed to allow practitioners to improve their knowledge of successful breastfeeding so that they can educate, support and empower women and their families.

BURP: Maternal and Childhood Obesity (MaCO)

This online resource is designed to help staff from a wide range of backgrounds, including public health, explore the problems of maternal and childhood obesity. It can be accessed at various levels to meet the needs of different staff groups, and can also be taken as an accredited unit at level 6 or 7.

Examination of the Newborn study day

This study day is focused on providing midwives, nurses and other healthcare professionals who specialise in newborn examinations with the latest evidence-based knowledge and practice to aid their clinical skills and understanding.