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Explore your creative side

Take a look at our exhibitions at BU

Fine art is an important part of BU and greatly enhances the look and atmosphere of the university. We aim to display artwork that is thought provoking and engaging for the viewer.

We also like to challenge our students to really explore the full extent of their creative capabilities. Students, staff and the community can all enjoy the artworks displayed on campus. Artworks by professional, regional artists are hosted on site to encourage creativity and to educate and inspire the viewer.

Atrium Art Gallery

The Atrium Art Gallery and Balcony is an exhibition space that is part of Art at BU. It hosts and showcases artwork by regional, national and international artists, whilst promoting emerging talent.

At BU we pride ourselves on embracing a range of artistic disciplines and welcome our students, staff and the local community to come and experience the wide range of style and disciplines on display. Visit the current exhibition at the Atrium Art Gallery or find out more about the previous art exhibitions.

The Atrium Art Gallery is available to exhibit your research - or work generated by your professional and personal interests. Contact the team for more information on how to book the space.

Atrium Balcony Lounge

This balcony area was designed specifically as a creative space for any student, member of staff or the public to visit.

It can be used for drawing, creative thinking or quiet contemplation. A range of art literature is available highlighting forthcoming arts events in the region. 

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BU Annual Careers Fair

As a key part of ‘Your Career Week’, the BU Annual Careers Fair is an ideal way for students to meet employers (local, national and international) in a relaxed and familiar environment, with staff on hand to help.