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Useful information and forms

Find out about additional accommodation charges, how to request a transfer or withdrawal from BU accommodation, and the bank transfer details for BU.

Accommodation charges

Please read about the charges that can be incurred for non-accidental damage, replacements and additional cleaning costs in BU managed accommodation.

Transferring your accommodation

Students with a BU managed accommodation (Unilet, Dorchester House, Home Park or Student Village) are eligible to apply to move to a different BU accommodation. Before contacting us please read the Transfer request guidance notes and then complete the Transfer request form.

Student living in any of our accommodation partner's sites (non BU-managed) should speak with their local accommodation team (if you are unsure who this is then see further down this page for details).

Withdrawing from your accommodation

Please read the following information if you are withdrawing from your course at BU and will be leaving your accommodation before the end of your accommodation contract (Note, if you are not withdrawing from BU but want to leave your accommodation early you will be held liable until you can find a replacement student. In this instance you should speak with your landlord/accommodation provider direct).

Students withdrawing from BU living in BU managed accommodation

If you live in: Home Park, Dorchester House, Student Village, Unilet or St John’s your accommodation contract is with BU and you should read the Withdrawal notes which explain how the accommodation withdrawal process works and what you need to do. If you still wish to proceed you will then need to complete a Withdrawal form and email this as an attachment to or take a copy into the Residential Services office at Lansdowne - on the ground floor of Melbury House, 1-3 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 8ES.

Students withdrawing from BU living in non-BU managed accommodation

If you live in one of our accommodation partner's sites then you should check the terms of your accommodation contract and then contact your accommodation provider to discuss your situation. Our main accommodaiton partners are:

Campus Living Villages

Lyme Regis House: email or call 01202 319247
Chesil House: email or call 01202 319618
Okeford House: email or call 01202 519252
Cranborne House: email or call 01202 037700 

Unite Students

Purbeck House: email or call 01202 58958

Student Roost

Corfe House: email or call 01202 649670

Kaplan Residences

Lansdowne Point: email or call 01202 068650

If you live in any other accommodation than that noted above you should contact your landlord/agent direct.

For more information or advice on withdrawing from BU you can also read the Thinking of leaving BU? or Looking for support? 

Bank details

If you pay your rent to BU then the BU bank transfer details are available if you need to make a payment directly into the University's bank account.