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Wellbeing comprises everything that involves your welfare, health, safety and overall comfort and security when living within our accommodation. Coming to University for the first time can be very daunting, and at some point to differing degrees most students will feel a bit home sick, anxious, stressed and sometimes, going unchecked, could even experience more serious mental health issues, such as depression.

Our Welfare Coordinators are there to assist those who might be experiencing difficulties during their time here. Initially they can are a friendly face to speak with about what you might be experiencing. In some cases, it is as simple as making a referral to the RA team and getting you involved in some activities and events to get you involved in your community.

In other instances, with more specific wellbeing, they can refer to or signposted by the Welfare Coordinator to the correct people and/or service with which to speak to get the support you might need. To find out more on who we work with to support your wellbeing please navigate to the ‘Wellbeing’ tab and then to ‘Welfare-Partners’.

We also run and promote events and activities that help you to manage your own wellbeing and keep your stress levels to a manageable level.