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How to keep fit when you’re at uni

Keep fit at uni

BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism graduate Alice Fiancet, shares her tips for keeping fit at uni – and it doesn’t have to cost anything. Remember, you’ve chosen BU, set in the heart of the most beautiful part of Dorset with endless beaches to run on. Get your running shoes on…

Alice says:

Uni is an exhilarating experience. You get to have so much independence, make all your own decisions and don’t have to answer to anyone’s rules (well, not really). But with all this new found independence comes responsibility and that means looking after yourself. So, when you wake up after a night of booze, takeaway and chocolate – you may be feeling a little unhealthy. Bring on the gym kit!

Free stuff

The beach: seven miles of sand and it’s yours!

You’ll be the envy of all your friends back home when you tell them you work out on a beautiful beach. There’s even a fitness trail near Boscombe beach where you can use ‘gym buddies’ along the prom to do sit-ups and squats.

Fitnessblender: You Tube

If the weather is a bit cold and rainy for the beach – why not try some of the free fitness videos on YouTube. Fitnessblender is great for an effective workout that doesn’t require equipment.

Pay your way

24-hour Gym: town centre

This gym is in Bournemouth town centre. The monthly membership includes free classes and you can try out a personal trainer who can tailor workouts for you. So there’s no excuses – you can go anytime!

ASDA: town centre

There’s a FitSpace gym right underneath ASDA, close to halls. The membership also includes free classes and it’s slightly cheaper than the 24-hour Gym, but the hours are not very flexible.

SportBU gym

BU has a gym which is perfect for those close to the uni and for before or after lectures. It’s open until late on weekdays and is also open at weekends – so can make a great escape from revision. There are lots of classes to choose from too. Annual SportBU membership works out at less than £16 per month – so it’s well worth joining.