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Five things you will learn during your first year

  1. Don’t smell; do wash
    We’re talking clothes here, not you – we assume you’ve got that one sorted. Tip: unless you have a sentimental attachment to the smell of your home washing powder, buy cheap. Cheaper versions work equally well and will save you a (small) fortune as the months roll on – keeping you fresh and solvent.

  2. Doubt is normal
    Inevitably, there will be times when you question yourself, your course and pretty much everything else. Instead of distracting yourself by going out every night, take stock of your life with some reflective time and work out what it is you really want to get from your university experience.

  3. Don’t spend half your student loan during Week One
    Just imagine how good it would feel to wake up feeling relatively human, with enough money left in your pockets to order a recovery Dominoes… as opposed to the head from hell and the realisation you spent £50 on the Jägerbombs that caused it.

  4. Be honest if you’re struggling
    ‘Getting on with it’ can be a good attitude to get you through tough times, but isn’t sustainable. If you’re genuinely struggling – academically, financially, socially – let your friends/family/the uni know. There’s a much larger support network around you than you realise.

  5. Incentive cooking is unavoidable
    Picture the scene, its 8pm on a Thursday night, your entire afternoon was spent binging on Netflix, but now it’s dark and you’re hungry for actual food. You open the kitchen cupboard to find… two packets of smart price noodles and some Haribo. Tip: Do a weekly shop and try to avoid too many takeaways. Stock up on baked beans, pasta, rice, sauces, frozen chicken and eggs. Keep some bread in the freezer for emergency beans on toast and scramble it up with some eggs. Job done.