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Cooking, cleaning... piece of cake

Louis Sherman – a BSc (Hons) Applied Geography graduate – tells us how he coped with his new uni life...

Being able to cook for yourself and generally look after yourself will become key to making uni life a breeze. Although you might initially feel daunted, it's actually simple and easy.

Before going to uni, I had never really thought about the cooking and cleaning aspects of uni life. However, it all seemed to happen naturally – with a little help from friends.

Cooking – who needs Jamie Oliver?

Before I started uni, I had never really cooked, but after buying two good student cookbooks and budgeting well, I ended up eating really well the majority of the time and enjoyed showing off my new skills! Nosh For Students is a great first cookbook and gives tips on that all important shopping list – making sure you buy all those healthy vegetables to feed your brain.

Cleaning: who, what, when?

Whether you live in a flat, halls, private house or Unilet, you will find that most of your fellow students will come to an agreement on who cleans what and when. This makes the experience a lot easier – and limits the quickly forgotten arguments.

I feel rough...

Feeling ill for the first time away from home is really horrid. But at BU there are dedicated doctors to help you – all you have to do is make an appointment: do it, you’ll feel much better. Always remember to keep hydrated and let your flatmates know you are ill – most flatmates will always be willing to help you out and even make you a cup of tea.

So, no need to feel anxious – see uni as a new fun challenge and remember there’s always people to help you find your way.