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Ten top tips for living in halls

We asked BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism graduate Alice Fiancet if she remembered her first day in halls…

Day One

My parents helped me unpack and settle into my room and then they left – I was on my own. I took a deep breath and ventured into the communal kitchen – and that’s when I met my friends for life. Of course I was nervous at first, not knowing what to say and trying to make a good impression – but they were in the same boat as me. First tip: don’t be nervous – just be yourself.

Boundaries will soon be established and you’ll get to know everyone’s likes and dislikes. You’ll find out who loves to wash up and who doesn’t – who loves to cook and who loves take-away.

Here’s my ten top tips

1. Ice breakers are essential – ie. "Hi I’m… where are you from and what course are you on?"

2. Bring a selection of drinking games – or just a pack of cards to make up your own games.

3. Have good banter – or if you’re shy just laugh along with the banter!

4. Always offer to help in the kitchen.

5. Do your washing up as soon as you’ve eaten.

6. Leave the bathroom as you would hope to find it.

7. Offer to cook a group meal once a week – could be a big bowl of chilli or pasta.

8. Be there for others who are feeling lonely.

9. Write everyone’s names down so you don’t forget!

10. Have some chocolate biscuits on hand for the first tea round.