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Never have I ever… Got drunk in BU accommodation

Did you know that BU accommodation will be an alcohol free area during your first week?

We’re not trying to spoil your fun and of course you can choose to drink elsewhere but – from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 September – not in your halls of residence or Unilet house, please.

It’s part of our commitment to the Alcohol Impact Initiative, which is set up by the National Union of Students (NUS) and supported by BU and your students’ union SUBU. We want to set you up for success at BU and there are so many reasons why it’s better for you to ease off the alcohol during your first week. 

Why? (I hear you ask)

  • Your accommodation is your place to eat, sleep, recuperate and get to know each other without confusing the situation with other influences.
  • We are committed to providing an inclusive ‘no pressure’ place for the large number of students who either don't drink alcohol, don’t want to drink to excess or be impacted upon by those that might (trust us, we have done our home work on this and we know that most students fall within this category)
  • Agree or disagree? It's about having a conversation around a positive culture of responsible drinking, which will ultimately be better for your future health.
  • Habits formed as a student stick for a lifetime. Developing positive habits at this crucial moment of change can have a lasting influence.
  • You’re borrowing and eventually paying back a lot of money to study here and we think it’s important you get the best out of the experience. Setting up for success starts on day 1.

Where can I go if I want to have a drink?

This isn't about getting you to stop drinking. In fact, not in the least. If you choose to have a drink then there are many many alternative places in Bournemouth where students go, such as SUBU’s Old Fire Station, which has loads of great events lined up every night of the week so you can get out (or even out Out) and meet your fellow Freshers.

Check out your BU Events Guide and/or the Res Life Events Calendar for all of the events created for you to get out of your rooms, meet each other and have a drink (or not, your call).

Find out more

There’s more information online about the NUS Alcohol Impact Initiative.