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Make yours the best room ever

Finally – you’ve escaped your parental dwellings. Exciting times. Now you have your very own pad in which to do whatever you like – within the rules and regs of your accommodation contract, obvs. We can only imagine you must be in a terrible hurry to get your new abode looking undeniably awesome. Here are some pointers to get you started with that:

Add wow factor with a screen

An old–fashioned folding screen does wonders for your room. Not only do they look pretty cool, they also serve as working space/bedroom separators, which helps with staying focused. These multi-purpose beauties can also be used to hang clothes, bags and scarves from. Personalise them by pinning on pictures and photos. Pick one up cheaply on eBay or Gumtree.

Accessorise with freebies

Lists and lists of totally free stuff up for grabs – what’s not to love? Before you part with your cash for anything, have a look at Freecycle first. Yes, some of it is hideous old tat that you can’t even give away, but there are also plenty of great giveaways. We’ve seen students pick up fabulous lamps, Art Deco mirrors and antique leather trunks for nowt. Keep your eye on Gumtree too, as it also has bargains and freebies.

Stack up with storage

Stackable boxes. They may not sound sexy, but they are darned practical. These badboys will hold a treasure-trove of possessions and just take up minimal space. Fill with books or clothes and simply whisk back what’s needed if you have a long weekend at home. Don’t worry, you can get pretty looking ones too. Ikea has loads of different styles to choose from.

Add storage

Remember: the more storage you have, the more space for stuff you don’t really need. Hurrah. Four ideas for instant extra space:

  1. Laundry baskets take up valuable space, invest in a cheapo hang-from-the-door jobbie
  2. Use a shelved caddy as a bedside table
  3. Decorative magazine holders make great places to keep bathroom products
  4. Get hanging drawers for your wardrobe and keep your room clutter-free.