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The first rule of laundry club

The first rule of laundry club? For Pete’s sake don’t leave your wet clothes sitting around in the machine for hours hogging up the space, gathering mildew and leaving everyone else desperately waiting to wash their dirty undies. Here are some more rules of LC.

DON’T pay with a button

Chewing gum. Toe nails. Connect Four pieces. You won’t be surprised to learn that these didn’t work and subsequently make the machines kaput. Thankfully, BU has card operated laundries so no ‘I didn’t have the right money’ excuses please.

DO wash your clothes

A basic rule, but an important one: wash your clothes. There are no magical laundry fairies here. Dirty pants don’t make their way miraculously from your floor and mysteriously appear again fresh and lovely in your top drawer. Sorry to break it to you, but that was your mum. Now, admit it, who’s been taking their stinky stuff back home in bin bags for the magical fairies?

DO it anytime

4am and can’t get no sleep? Well, the laundry facilities are open 24/7 in BU halls. There’s nothing like a good round of white washing to cure insomnia.

Don’t use washing up liquid

Don’t use washing-up liquid. Please don’t. And we’ll repeat it one more time: Please don’t use washing-up liquid. The last unwanted foam party fiasco we had wasn’t malicious, it was a genuine mistake from a student who had never washed a sock in his life. If you don’t have detergent powder or tablets, just step away from the machine... Thank you.