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Off air recordings - British Universities Film and Video Council

The standard method of recording off air material is via BoB.
If the recording is not available on BoB, the following back-up services may be of help when trying to retrieve off air recordings of television or radio programmes.

Off Air Recording Back-Up Service Collection May 1998 - April 2006

The University has an agreement with the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) to hold their Off Air Recording Back-Up Collection.

Currently this includes all UK terrestrial broadcasts from 24 May 1998 - 30 April 2006.

To request a copy of a recording from this collection, please complete a form at the Help Zone and provide a blank DVD.

Please include the date, time and channel of the programme. To confirm these details you may use past copies of the Radio Times, held in The Sir Michael Cobham Library. Alternatively, consult the TRILT: Broadcast Listings which is an excellent reference tool for programmes from 1995 onwards.

You will be informed by email when the copy of the recording is ready for collection. Please allow ten working days for requests to be fulfilled.

Missed recordings service

For items not held in the BUFVC Back-up Collection, we have an allowance of 12 request forms per year which we can use with the BUFVC's missed recording service. These request forms are for emergencies only and are not intended to support an after-broadcast request service - so you should only use these forms as a last resort.