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Taking exams overseas

If you need to resit your exams overseas, or in specific circumstances take other exams overseas, you must arrange them with your local office of the British Council or a higher education institution with English speaking staff. Please note that you must give at least 10 days’ notice to arrange overseas exams, if this deadline is not met you may be unable to sit your exam. 

Process for arranging to take a BU exam at an overseas venue:

  • You need to enquire as to whether they accommodate for external exams (UK) and what their charges are (this can vary between different organisations)
  • Obtain written confirmation from your BU Unit Leader that you can take the exam overseas
  • Obtain written confirmation from the exam centre that they are willing to host your exam and to agree the payment of their charges
  • Complete the online overseas exam form which needs a specific contact name along with their specific email address at your proposed exam centre
  • You will receive an auto-response reply to your request which confirms that we have received your form
  • The BU Exams team will then liaise with the overseas exam centre to confirm arrangements and send the relevant materials through prior to the exam(s) taking place
  • You will need to liaise will the overseas exam centre to arrange the payment of their fees, to find out where your exam/s will be taking place and who you report to on the day.

If you have any queries with regard to your exam(s) overseas, please email the BU Examinations Team.

Please note: You are responsible for making ALL arrangements for your exam(s) yourself. You will be responsible for the payment of any charges that will be incurred at your exam centre.