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Procedures and equipment

There are strict rules governing what you can and can't take into the examination room.


The exam papers will state what equipment you are allowed during your exams. You must not have any of the following in your possession:

  • Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Calculators
  • Any other aid, unless stated on your exam paper.

ID cards

To sit your exams you will need your ID card. If you do not have your ID card you should request a replacement to get a new one before attending your exams.

Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices

During examinations you are not permitted to have mobile phones or any other electronic device in your possession, unless specifically allowed in the rubric of the examination paper, nor may the device be switched on. Any student found to be in possession of such an item will be required to leave the examination room and will not be readmitted and a mark of zero will be recorded for that examination. You may be dealt with in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedure

If you have exceptional circumstances (such as a sick relative or an expectant partner) and have informed the Chief Invigilator you might be allowed an active mobile phone. If this is the case, the Invigilator will keep your phone for the duration of the exam and return it to you afterwards.

Assessment procedures handbook

More details of the procedures that effect exams, such as student responsibilities and late admissions, can be found in the Student Examination Procedures Handbook.