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Reasonable adjustments at BU

BU will make reasonable adjustments to learning and assessment so that disabled students are not significantly disadvantaged compared with other students who are not disabled. All reasonable adjustments depend on each student's circumstances within the course being taken, so it is really important to contact the ALS office as soon as possible so that appropriate adjustments can be discussed and agreed with your faculty.

Samples of the reasonable adjustments it may be possible to make at BU include:

  • Session materials 48 hours in advance to deconstruct and process before each lecture
  • Use of a digital recorder to record lectures and seminars
  • Mentors and Note Takers to assist with note taking and personal study
  • Wheelchair access and table/desk risers
  • Printed materials in large font and/or coloured paper
  • Specialist software
  • Readers and/or scribes for exams
  • Exam questions in accessible formats
  • Extra time and/or rest breaks in exams and timed assessments
  • Alternative assessments
  • Flagging of scripts to denote the use of Marking Guidelines
  • Use of induction loops
  • Non-subject specific one-to-one study skills support
  • Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPS).