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Fire safety advice

It's important to be aware of fire safety on campus; The following advice will tell you how to raise the fire alarm on discovering a fire, and what action you need to take when hearing the fire alarm.

  • If you discover a fire – sound the alarm using the nearest call point
  • Evacuate immediately if the fire alarm activates, closing doors behind you
  • Make sure you know the escape routes from areas you normally use
  • Do not use the lifts if the alarm is sounding
  • Always make your way to the Assembly Point – don’t loiter near the entrance doors
  • Do not go back into the building until authorised.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Deaf Messaging Service (pdf 332kb) if you are hearing impaired

Know how to call the Fire Brigade ideally by dialling BU reception - Ext: '222' or from your mobile use 01202 962222

Take a walk along your Fire Escape Route

  • From where you regularly study to all floor fire exits - (i.e. to the stairs or external exits if on the ground floor)
  • From fire exits on the floor you regularly study to the relevant external exit doors of the building - (i.e. from the stairs to the exit used to leave the building)
  • A physical walk of route(s) to the location of building’s Fire Assembly Point(s) (If not obvious from final fire exit).

Fire and Smoke Resisting Doors are important in preventing the spread of fire and smoke

  • Doors marked as ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ / ‘Fire Door Keep Locked’ must be kept closed and NOT propped or wedged open under any circumstances
  • Where doors are marked ‘Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear’ then the door will release on activation of the fire alarm system and must not be obstructed.

Fire Safety Equipment

Please do not tamper with, move or cover any fire equipment including: extinguishers, smoke sensors and alarms. Tampering with, or removing, fire and health & safety equipment will attract a financial penalty and under certain circumstances render residents liable to criminal prosecution. This includes unlawfully setting off alarms and extinguishers, and or the covering or tampering with smoke detectors.

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service provide more safety and security information specifically for students at university. Find out more by visiting their website.