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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing has a range of options to meet your needs and our Wellbeing Advisors are on hand to help you decide the best way forward. The service is confidential and completely free.

We offer a range of support, including:

  • Support from a Wellbeing Advisor who can offer practical help with issues such as stress, worry, homesickness, panic, sleeping and eating difficulties, lifestyle issues and low mood or anxiety. Your Wellbeing Advisor will help you to access more intensive support if it is needed.
  • Support from a Counsellor. The service offers a block of six sessions with a Counsellor. Counselling offers a place to talk about and reflect on whatever is troubling you in a safe, supported and confidential environment.
  • Drop-in support. The service provides regular drop-in sessions during term-time on Tuesdays (3:30pm -4:30pm) and Thursdays (12:30pm-1:30pm).
  • Workshops. Keep an eye out for our workshops covering topics such as exam stress and mindfulness. These are advertised at intervals throughout the year.
  • Information and links to other services that you can access in the community, including Steps2Wellbeing for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We can help you find and access services supporting a range of issues including eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, sexual health and bereavement.

Under current funding arrangements, students attending Partner Colleges (including those on BU programmes) are not eligible to use the service. Arrangements are in place for counselling to be provided by the Partner Colleges.

Looking after yourself

5 steps to wellbeing

We care about your health and wellbeing. Here are five steps that promote emotional and physical good health.

Connect with people around you

Meet new friends through our clubs and societies and social events. The Events Guide in your welcome pack includes a range of activities as well as details of excursions.

Be active

Our sports facilities are for people of all abilities - you can join the gym, try snowboarding, surfing or go to a yoga class.

Keep learning

Your BU experience isn’t just about your course. Learn to play the guitar with our music department or a new language with our Languages@BU programme. Visit an exhibition at the Atrium art gallery.

Give to others

Participate in Make A Difference (MAD) day or take part in Raising & Giving (RAG) with SUBU or find out about the volunteering opportunities at BU.

Taking part in these activities is fun and will make you feel good.

Take notice

Practise mindfulness and learn to recognise what makes you feel anxious. Our Student Wellbeing team offers sessions to help you develop your resilience and deal with life’s issues. Look out for your flat and classmates’ wellbeing too, as they might not like to say if they’re struggling..

More information

How to access us

Learn how to register with our service and book an appointment or come to a drop-in session.

Student Wellbeing is run by Bournemouth University in partnership with Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust.