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Student Engagement Team

As a new student you’ll know just how much of a big deal coming to University is, especially if this is the first time you've moved away from home. It's such an exciting time in your life, and our Student Engagement Team are here to help you make the most of your first year here.

As recent BU graduates, the team understand the pressures that moving to a new place and meeting new people can bring - as well as how tricky it can be learning how to balance your social life and workload, not to mention managing your own finances and study - they also know it’s not unusual for new students to have trouble coping with it all.

As well as having first-hand experience of being a student here, the team know all about the wide variety of support available, and can advise you on the best way forward to resolve the difficulties you’re having.

So, whether you just want a quick chat about something that’s been getting you down, or you’re struggling with a bigger issue, contact the team they'll do their best to help you out. And don’t worry, it’s all completely confidential.

You can find the details for each Student Engagement Coordinator below.

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Your faculty contact

Faculty of Health & Social Sciences - Kelly King

Kelly has been in the role since 2015, having attained her English degree in 2015. She has significant first-hand experience of the support services available at BU, and having lived in Bournemouth for 8 years, a good knowledge of the area. During her time as a student she worked both in Dylan’s, and as a PAL leader, mentoring first year students.

“I consider myself an expert on all things grammar and bus- related, and have been known to get through an entire season on Netflix in just one day.

More importantly though - having spent the past few years earning my degree - I’m all too aware of the positive and negative trials and tribulations of university life.

Whilst I may not have all the answers, I'm always happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat - whether you want advice about additional services, to get an outside perspective, or just share something that's been on your mind.”

If you would like to arrange a chat with Kelly, she is based in Bournemouth House, you can reach her by email at or via phone on 07718 118974. 

Faculty of Management - Kat Hendrickx

Kat is the newly appointed Student Engagement Coordinator for the Faculty of Management. Like Iv, she also studied at BU as an International student and worked with SUBU as a student.

“I’ve been at BU for the past four years, studying firstly for a degree in English and a Masters in Literary Media. During my time as a student I worked for SUBU organising events such as “One World Day”, and taught German at the BU Language Centre. I also founded the European Society, something which I’m very proud of.

As a self-confessed coffee-holic, I love reading; especially the Harry Potter books, which to me, never get old. I hope to spend my life travelling as much as humanly possible and will never get tired of learning more about different cultures and languages.”

Kat is based in Dorset House, you can contact her by email at or phone on 07718 118973. 

Faculty of Media & Communication - Iv Marks

Iv is the Student Engagement Coordinator for the Faculty of Media and Communication. Although fairly new to the role, she has a good working knowledge of the faculty, as well personal experience of studying as an International student.

“I’ll soon be graduating from BA Media Production, and so have recent experience of  the pressures of uni life.

As a student, I worked closely with SUBU in various roles, and also had the pleasure of being a PAL leader in my second year, which was very rewarding.  

I’m a sci-fi geek who loves technology, gaming and binge watching TV series’. My ambitions lie in media production, as I have a passion for all things visual and audio!”

If you would like to arrange a chat with Iv, she is based in Weymouth House, you can email her at or by phone on 07718 118975.

Faculty of Science & Technology - Emma Hamilton

Emma has been the Student Engagement Coordinator for Science and Technology since 2015. Having spent five years at BU, she has a fair bit of knowledge around clubs and societies, and the local area.

“Despite graduating from The Media School with a degree in Script Writing for Film & TV, my main passion lies within games technology and all things virtual reality - because of this it seemed fitting that I join the Faculty of Science & Tech.

Most of my spare time is dedicated to playing and developing video games, insofar that I’m actually currently co-creating a video game with students from within the University.”

Emma is based in Christchurch House, you can contact her by email at or by phone on 07718 118976.