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Global BUddies

The Global BUddies scheme matches new UK and international students with group leaders who have already completed at least one year as a BU student.

Global BUddies will help you to build a network of new friends from all over the world, improve your understanding of cultural differences and learn how to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. You will also earn badges towards the Global Talent Programme. These are all important skills that your future employers will really value.

We organise a big social event for all Global BUddies in September and Group Leaders organise various events throughout the term for their groups.

Being a Global BUddy is great fun, but it takes effort to get to know people who are very different from you. If you’re open-minded and patient, you’ll discover it’s really worth it!

Wesley Schulte, BU student

“You should sign up and try it out, because, if anything, Global BUddies is nothing without you.”

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“I believe Global BUddies is a perfect opportunity to meet people from different cultures and understand each other by embracing and celebrating the differences between us.”

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The benefits

Benefit New students Current students
Develop communication skills and cultural awareness that future employers will value
Develop empathy, mentoring and leadership skills by helping new students settle into life at BU and in the UK
Discover more about countries you haven’t visited
Get to know current BU students and other new students too
Have a multicultural experience without leaving the UK
Have fun showing new students the best things to do and places to visit
Practise and improve your foreign language skills
Make British friends who can introduce you to the UK and the culture here or to visit abroad in future
Practise your conversational English with new friends
Share your home culture with friends from other countries
Start building a network of contacts abroad which could be useful in future

Next steps

Currently, the Global BUddies schemes runs for the first semester of each academic year (September). However, places are limited so make sure you check back in the summer if you would like to be involved – we will also send you an email reminder nearer the time.

Any questions? Contact us at