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Global BUddies matches new UK and international students with Group Leaders who are current BU students.

Global BUddies will help you build a network of new friends from all over the world, improve your understanding of cultural differences and learn how to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. You will also earn badges towards the Global Talent Programme. These are all important skills that your future employers will really value.

We organise big social events for all Global BUddies at key points throughout the year and Group Leaders organise regular activities for their groups.

Being a Global BUddy is great fun, but it’s not easy getting to know people who are very different from you. If you’re open-minded, committed and keen to learn about what makes the world go round, you’ll discover that it’s really worth the effort!

Read our FAQs for more information and if you think Global BUddies is for you, then fill in our application form by the deadline of 8.30am on Monday 4 June.

Wesley Schulte, BU student

“Global BUddies is about maintaining an open mind and expanding your horizons. It’s finally asking if that’s really how they do it “over there.” It’s breaking through stereotypes, and sometimes finding out what is believed about your own culture can be quite funny and surprising.”

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“I believe Global BUddies is a perfect opportunity to meet people from different cultures and understand each other by embracing and celebrating the differences between us.”

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