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Global Hubs of Practice

Bournemouth University’s concept of Hubs of Practice is a unique and innovative expression of our plans for a truly Global BU. Hubs of Practice are built around creating a unique regional, national and global network of partners and collaborators that are connected into business, government, community and academia. This networked community then has combined access to our education, research and practice in an organisational, sectoral, subject-specific and/or regional context. Through our hubs we seek to:

  • Build a highly networked and impactful local presence in key world regions
  • Deliver a co-creation framework in which staff, students, governments and employers from the UK and the select region work cohesively for global impact
  • Develop local talent to shape local futures in a global economy.

“The academic and business model for our Hubs of Practice is unique and anchored on our collaborative capital built around like-minded business and academic partners,” says Dr Sonal Minocha, BU Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement. "We have established early traction with regional governments in the establishment of these, for example the China Innovation Hub and the Henan provincial government, so as to play our part in driving confident socio-economic futures in our global regional communities. As a Top 200 International University in the world we don’t want to be a passive HE player, but an active driver of global diplomacy, research and trade relations through our hubs."

To date we have established three Hubs of Practice in regions key for the world economy; Connect India Hub, ASEAN Hub and China Innovation Hub.

Each of our hubs was set as a location for our Global Festival of Learning in 2017. Look out for more information on the festivals here.

If you would like to work with us as an anchor or support partner for our current or future Hubs of Practice, or to find out more, contact us at