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A world of opportunity

Global engagement

Our annual Global Festival of Learning sees events take place around the world to build on BU’s successful Festival of Learning.

In 2017, the ASEAN festival took place in March, followed by festivals in India in April and China in May – all ahead of a dedicated global day at BU on the final day of the Festival of Learning (12 July).

Hubs of Practice

Our concept of Hubs of Practice is a unique innovation and we now have three thriving hubs: in India, China and ASEAN (based in Malaysia). These allow us to nurture regional, national and global networks of partners and collaborators across business, government, community and academia.

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Global Hubs of Practice

Global Hubs of Practice

Bournemouth University's concept of Hubs of Practice is a unique and innovative expression of our plans for a truly global BU.

Global Engagement Hub

Global Engagement Hub

Discover how BU staff, students, partners and visiting scholars collaborate across borders.