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Building your qualification: how it works

You can enrol on just one short course or sign up to do a few to build your own MA. With short courses in media management, creative media, journalism, computer animation and marketing communication you can pick the right course, or combination of courses. The choice is yours.

Each course carries 20 Master's-level credits which can be accumulated over a period of up to five years to achieve a recognised qualification as follows:

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) = 60 Master's-level credits (or three of our short courses)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) = 120 Master's-level credits (or six of our short courses)
  • Master's Degree (MA) = 180 Master's-level credits (six of our short courses, plus a Master's Research or Production Project and an Exhibition)

Having completed the Postgraduate Diploma, students can conclude their studies with the 18-week Master's phase, which commences with a two-day creative retreat and culminates in the submission of a Master's Project (40 credits), for example, a research paper or an innovative production project, and an Exhibition (20 credits).

Download the full programme specification for a further description of the course.

Specialist qualifications

If you're interested in the Build Your Own MA concept but would like to follow a more refined pathway, you can enrol on one of our specialist qualifications, which consist of a series of short courses with a specific focus such as media management, marketing communications or journalism which, when taken together, combine to form a postgraduate qualification in that area

Tailored programmes

If your organisation needs to develop key skills and industry knowledge, we can work with you to develop a tailored postgraduate qualification. If you already run in-house training courses for your employees that you believe are at postgraduate level and would like to take this further with a recognised qualification, then we can work with you to validate your courses. Or, if you wish to develop a short course on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop a validated module or modules.

Many of our courses have been delivered for and in collaboration with leading media companies and organisations including Sony Computer Entertainment Europe with whom we delivered a range of computer game short courses, and the BBC Academy with whom we delivered a range of production-focused short courses.