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Working together

Sustainability governance and operations


Responsibility for sustainability lies with Jim Andrews, BU's Chief Operating Officer. Read more about Jim’s role.

BU has a Sustainability Strategy Group which meets quarterly. This group is chaired by Jim and has representatives from SUBU, faculties, estates, facilities management, sustainability, IT, finance, procurement and the accommodation teams. Students are also represented on BU committees.

BU has a Sustainability Policy (pdf 231kb) which is signed off by the Sustainability Strategy Group and reviewed annually.

BU has been implementing an Environmental Management System since 2008 and we were awarded EcoCampus Platinum (pdf 462kb) in December 2015 and ISO 14001:15 (pdf 332kb) in December 2017

As part of the Environmental Management System BU has set out its key environmental objectives which can be seen in the Objectives Register (pdf 183kb).

BU’s sustainability team

There are five dedicated full-time sustainability staff in the estates department who are responsible for ensuring BU's day-to-day operations minimise the risk to the environment and enhance positive impacts. The team works closely with staff and students at all levels across BU to implement the sustainability agenda. 

Neil Smith – Sustainability Manager

Neil leads the sustainability team and manages the Environmental Management System.

Gareth Williams – Carbon Management Programme Manager

Gareth is responsible for overseeing the implementation and development of the BU Carbon Management Plan.

Richard Wintrip – Travel Plan Coordinator 

Richard is responsible for encouraging staff and students to travel more sustainably to and from BU and for achieving the changes set out in BU's Travel Plan.

Dave Archer – Energy Officer 

Dave manages BU’s energy and water use and operates the Building Management System.

Jonathan Gilbert – Sustainability Support Officer 

Jonathan runs staff and student engagement initiatives and works on waste management and biodiversity projects.


Sustainability is a key priority at BU and the team has an annual budget to help deliver sustainability projects, such as the NUS Green Impact and Student Switch-Off projects. 

Staff Sustainability Ambassadors

A Staff Sustainability Ambassador scheme is in operation with a member of staff in each department helping the sustainability team to implement initiatives and spread messages to their colleagues. Staff are able to find out who their ambassador is by using the staff intranet.

Staff inductions

All new staff at BU attend a one-day induction event at which a member of the sustainability team presents. The talk involves explaining the importance of sustainability both at BU and in the wider community, what we do at BU to improve our environmental performance and how staff can participate. Inductions take place every six-eight weeks with 30-40 new staff members attending each time.

You can view the presentation online. 

Student inductions

All new students at BU have to complete an online induction workbook which includes a section on sustainability. All students are also given a Little Green Guide which remains available all year around in the Student Centre.

You can view the Little Green Guide online.