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Change for the better

Student engagement

Green week

Green week takes place each year at Bournemouth University and is always packed full with lots of different sustainability events for students and staff to get involved with. Last year green week included a shark egg hunt at Hengistbury Head, a film night and a sustainable buildings tour. To get involved with next year’s green week look out for information at Go Green.  

Student campaigning

Last year BU students raised the issue of banking with Barclays as part of the national campaign by People and Planet. During green week a campaign event was organised where students were encouraged to sign the national petition against Barclays support of the fracking company Third Energy. The campaign gathered a lot of support from students both at BU and nationwide and contributed to Barclays withdrawing their financing of the fracking company.

Previously student pressure also led to BU divesting from fossil fuels. Students raised and debated the issue of BU divesting from companies linked to fossil fuels following a national campaign by People and Planet. This resolution was passed and an online petition organised by students received 212 signatures. After reviewing the ethical investment policy BU chose to divest from fossil fuels.

Green taskforce

The green taskforce is a student body organised by the Students’ Union and run by students which works to improve the environment both at BU and in the local community while also raising awareness of key issues.

The taskforce run a number of campaigns each year which all students can get involved with. In 2017/18 the green taskforce is expanding into halls with the introduction of the halls green champion role. The halls green champions are the student voice of green living in our residences, encouraging sustainable behaviours within the student community. If you are living in halls and have an interest in making your hall more sustainable read more about the position and how to get involved (docx 1.4mb).

Spot the drop

Students are also encouraged to give us feedback about both of our campuses to help us save energy and water and run them as sustainably as possible. We run a student engagement initiative called Spot the Drop to help tackle the problem of wasted water from leaking toilets, urinals and taps around site. Utilising our large student body we hope to minimise the amount of water wasted this way. Students who reported a new incident have been rewarded with a Lifebottle.

How to get involved

To get involved with green impact or student campaigning contact the BU green taskforce through their Facebook group.

How does this help BU?

BU wants actively engaged students who get involved with sustainability. Student engagement reaffirms the importance of the sustainability agenda at BU and it also helps us understand what we can do to improve. Utilising our student community is also a great way to ensure that our estate is run as environmentally efficiently as possible.  

Student perspective

The student voice is represented in many different ways and we then encourage and empower students to turn these issues into campaigns to lobby for change, such as changes to policies. Students can have a massive positive impact."

Sophie Bradfield, Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, SUBU